Christmas Party

  • Chair: Anita Wingfield and Ashley Funk

4th of July Gala Parade

  • Chair: Bob Gray and Nick Parashis
  • Members: Other members and volunteers

Eye Glasses

  • Chair: Bob Moravac


  • Chair: Randy Funk
  • Members: Doug Lomen, Rob Wood, Bill Limbach, Norm Vinton, Bob Moravac, Rob Parrish, Rick Miller and Peter Collins

Sign Committee

  • Chair: Rob Wood
  • Members: Bill Davies

Program Speakers

  • Chair: Rob Wood
  • Members: Any Member

Nomiations Committee

  • Chair: Lomen/Funk/Wood


  • Chair: Doug Lomen


  • Chair: John Landon


  • Chair: Bill Limbach

Constitutional By Laws

  • Chair: Jim Zambon

Health Fair

  • Chair: Anita Wingfield
  • Members: Jim Zambon

Parade Flag

  • Chair: Jack McArdle

Shop with a Cop

  • Chair: Jeff Thorson

Finance Committee

  • Chair: Doug Lomen
  • Members: John Dewey, Rob Wood, Randy Funk and Rick Miller


Candy Days

  • Chair: Mark Daniels & Richard Kraft
  • Members: Nick Parashis helps with counting donations and many club members with collections
  • Approximate Date(s): 2nd weekend in October

Fall Raffle

  • Chair: Jim Zambon and Larry Jensen
  • Members: Brennan Markee
  • Approximate Date(s): Friday before Thanksgiving

Winter Steak Fry

  • Chair: Randy Funk
  • Members: Ashley Funk, Rick Miller, Bill Davies, Meghan Davies, Doug Lomen and many others
  • Approximate Date(s): Saturday before Super Bowl

Sight and Sound

  • Chair: Meghan Davies
  • Members: All club members
  • Approximate Date(s): March – April

Golf Outing

  • Chair: Dave Moore
  • Members: Doug Lomen, Brennan Markee, Bill Davies, Meghan Davies, Anita Wingfield, Dave Notter and Pat Gummerson
  • Approximate Date(s): First Monday in June


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